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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Malaysian Baju Kurung 185 by Nora


Miss Nur said...

BEAUTIFUL KAIN SARI with Songket designs shipped from India.

Only 19 left for you to choose. Price varies according to the types and designs (RM180-RM230).

Postage & delivery in Peninsular is free! (Sabah & Sarawak needs RM20 extra charge)

1 design has only 1 copy. Limited.

6 meters per design.

Purchase can be made through Maybank2U & Public Bank.

To see our Sari/songket catalogue, go to both links below :

Call to make your orders now before it runs out : 016 303 8903 (Nur)


xiao jiang yap said...

walau sy gadis cina,namun suka sgt penampilan si gadis melayu semua ni,manis dgn baju kurung & kebaya,bgtu jg hijab.....

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